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  Implementing the Municipal network two districts three card "development ideas, Chang’an Town, has been to build the infrastructure as a strategic project to improve competitiveness, to advance awareness and huge investment in infrastructure ahead of development, the formation of a good investment environment become a "small cities and towns Model Town" and "the investment environment of the first China township 100". At present, urban and rural urban built-up area of more than 30 square kilometers; cement, asphalt road above the national standards for secondary roads over 200 kilometers, 13 bus lines run through the towns, villages, groups and industrial zone; large-scale farmers. the combined market of 16; 220,000-volt substation 2, 4, 110,000 volt substation, the annual power supply, water supply over 2.5 billion kwh and 97 million tons, the telephone penetration rate over 160%. Samsung to five-star standard hotel in the town has eight medical facilities are available five advanced hospitals, installations and air-conditioned theater for seven, and cultural center, library, sports center and international standard golf course, etc. a number of cultural and sports facilities. Lotus Hill Country Park, Chang’an Park, Chang’an Square for more than 40 of the main recreation area and attractions throughout the town center and villages, grass, trees, gardens can be seen everywhere - town green coverage rate of 40.2%, road greening rate of 100%, in the province township a lead in developing the implementation of the overall planning of the "Environmental Protection".


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