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  Chang’an town is famous as machinery hardware mould with more than 1,100 enterprises engaged in production, sales and service of machinery hardware mould and the electronic information enterprises are about 1200.

  The information industry in Chang’an both has strong production capacity on electronic components, but also terminal electronic products well-known enterprises. Take BBK Ltd for example, BBK is the leader of electronic information industry in the domestic with more than 17,000 employees, and mainly produces communication products (music phones, cordless telephones, corded telephones, etc.) and education electronic products (machine learning, language, video machines, electronic dictionary, the share of point time machine), in which 40% is electronic products in domestic market and BBK telephone is 20%(including OPPO). The amount of sales reaches 11.9 billion RMB with an increase of 37% in 2011.

  The amount of sales of mobile phones is 10 billion RMB is rank first in the domestic with an increase of 41%.

  Industrial upgrading is highly effective:

  In recent years, Changan vigorously implements the "double transition" strategy to consolidate the leading industries of hardware mold and electronic information and develops modern service industries to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. The total of 259 "processing and compensation trades "enterprises turn into foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises; and the amount domestic sales of foreign-funded enterprises is up to 22.9 billion RMB in 2011. There are 25 national high-tech enterprises, 46 provincial and private technology companies, 148 private technology companies and 20 national or provincial famous brand name marked enterprises in the town. In addition, The biomedical and other emerging industry is rising.

  Town planning is in the forefront of the city.

  Currently, there are 7 regulatory control of Chang’an approved and has completed the "old" transformation, Green Road construction and other special planning, and completed the Design program of the town center and north of Lianhu Area. In the future, Changan will implemented the "strong center, to the east, North Optimization, South Extension and move forward West" as strategy to create a good city carrier for industrial development. “Strong center” is to strengthen the supporting facility of the town center; “to the east” is to strengthen the eastern transport link; “North Optimization” is further optimizing the ecological environment in the north; “South Extension” is namely to promote the town center south to expand; “the west” is to create a sub-city center area with Shatou and Shangsha as the center.

  The happiness of the people has been increasing.

  In the future, Changan will implement the spirit of the Provincial Committee Tenth Plenary and the Thirteenth Party Congress, focusing on the implementation of five strategies of the transformation and upgrading strategy, innovation-driven strategy, talent strategy, people people’s livelihood priority strategy and low-carbon development strategy to promote a new round development advantage of Chang’an and open up a new development pattern.

  To achieve this goal, Changan will focus on the following eight work: 1, industrial upgrading to build the Pearl River Delta important city; 2. promote the integration of information technology and industrialization and speed up the transformation of economic development; 3. strengthen the management of public service and promote with the base of information technology; 4. construct five major cultural the projects to a create joy Chang’an; 5. enhance and innovate the public administration and buil a harmonious Chang’an; 6. strengthen and improve the construction and make personnel Chang’an.



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